Call of Duty Mobile Tips

GameUtha April 30, 2022

Call of Duty Mobile Tips brings you a detailed blog about Call of Duty Mobile tips and ticks. Want to improve your gameplay? Well start making these tips a daily habit. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile shooters. Daily player count currently sits at about 30 million with more than 210 million accounts registered. It has been particularly popular amongst gamers in Pakistan, having captured much of the market share from the already extremely popular free to play juggernauts like PUBG and Free Fire. COD Mobile is still relatively new and as such there still exists a major skill gap. This article will go through tips and tricks that make will make you a better player and arm you with the skills that will lead you to victory time and time again. Dial in your Sensitivity and Button Placement Being primarily a touch screen game, it is very important

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