Street Fighter 6 Showcase Recap

Ali Hasan April 28, 2023

Street Fighter 6 Showcase Recap

Street Fighter 6, the highly anticipated fighting game from Capcom, which was revealed in 2022 has been generating buzz among fans of the long-running series for almost a year now. As the latest entry in one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history, Street Fighter 6 has a lot to live up to. The game received a new showcase highlighting several new additions that are headed to the game, including new and unique gameplay mechanics, several new modes, and new fighters. The showcase exhibited a game that is both fresh and faithful to the series’ roots.

World Tour is a Single Player Experience Unlike Anything the Series Has Seen Before

Perhaps the biggest addition to Street Fighter 6 is its new World Tour mode. This new mode, allows players to create their own avatar and go up against iconic characters from the Street Fighter franchise. This mode will incorporate many RPG elements, including an in-depth skill tree, and buffs and powerups that help you along your journey.

World Tour will feature a completely 3D world, explorable at the player’s behest. Players will also be able to engage in random fight encounters. This mode was built specifically to challenge the conventions of the traditional fighting game while also providing players a sense of progression and allowing them to ease themselves into the game’s robust combat systems.

Your custom character can be used in “Avatar Battles” These battles specifically revolve around player-created characters, allowing you a chance to show off your skills and creativity against other players. Additionally, you can also create online clubs to meet like-minded players.

Street Fighter 6 is the Most Detailed Street Fighter Game to Date

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An important addition to the gameplay of Street Fighter 6 is the introduction of real-time damage indicators, which provide players with a visual representation of the damage their character is taking during a fight. As the battle progresses, players will see their character become increasingly battered, with cuts, bruises, and burns appearing in real time to reflect the attacks they are receiving. This feature offers a more immersive and realistic experience, enhancing the intensity of each fight and making it easier for players to gauge their character’s health status.

Additionally, new audio accessibility features make it possible for you to determine how close or how far you are from your opponent at any given time, while a number of fleshed-out tutorials and guides make the entire game the most accessible Street Fighter title to date.

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Street Fighter 6 Adds in New Game Modes  

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The classic Versus mode returns in Street Fighter 6 and remains unchanged, featuring the same great 1v1 experience all of us have come to love. However, the game adds a new mode called Team Battle which allows you to create a team of CPU-controlled or player-controlled teammates. Extreme Battles on the other hand allow you to engage in over-the-top battles that have unique modifiers and challenges that make combat just that much more fun.

Additionally, you will be able to create custom rooms where you can set your own parameters and rules. Custom rooms can now contain up to 16 players and can be set to one of three modes, training, one on one and extreme battle. Ranked also makes a return in Street Fighter 6, this time each character will have their own individual rank, making this mode more accessible than ever.

Year 1 DLC Characters include Rashid and Akuma

Alongside the slew of new information on the game itself, the showcase also gave us our first glimpse at the new characters that are coming to Street Fighter 6, along with their release dates. A.K.I., the first DLC character drops in Autumn 2023, Rashid is available Summer of 2023 while ED and Akuma will be available to use in Winter 2024 and Spring 2024 respectively. Lastly, a demo for the game is now available on PS4 and PS5. Giving a taste of what to expect from the full game.

Start by acquiring a basic understanding of the combat mechanics in the Tutorial, and then hone your skills in using Luke and Ryu’s fighting styles by referring to the Character Guide. Take a small step into the beginning stages of the World Tour and try out the extensive avatar creation feature. Additionally, any custom avatars that you create can be transferred to the full game on the same platform once it is available. Street Fighter 6 is slated for June 2, 2023, across PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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